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Shrishti Shukla

August 6, 2022


Implementation of User Interface (UI) Design turns a basic interface into a pleasing one by using typography, images, and other visual designing elements. Using UI Design on your website makes it more digestible and engaging. The main motive of a successful UI is to have a better interaction with the user, it helps in raising your website's conversion rate. You can understand the importance of a successful and interactive user interface by the fact that earlier, around 2014 or 2016, Windows used to have a high processing speed because of fewer graphics, and today speed has decreased because of the increase in the use of graphics, which has eventually increased the usage of Windows.

The Above Analysis Displays The Significant Role Of UI Designs In The Lives Of People Around The Globe.

Rule No.1 Intuitive Design

Intuitive UI Design is the one that is easy to learn and engaging for the users. - Make the user interface of your website consistent. Try to use similar design patterns, homogenous menus and screens, identical terminology in prompts, and consistent commands throughout the interface. - Make use of the internal links on your website, this will allow the users to navigate easily throughout the website.

Rule No.2 Audience Retention

Retaining the attention of the users onto your website needs an effective implementation of UI designs. - For example, using bright colors will distract users from your website by stressing on their eyes, while the warm colors will provide relief and a sense of calmness to their eyes, which will eventually make the user spend a long time on your website. - Retention of users will provide valuable feedback to your business and its services.

Rule No.3 User Engagement

More the graphics, more will be an ease for the users to use your website. - Graphics include the icons, buttons, images, videos, and pull-up and pop-up screen menus. - Try to provide informative feedback to the users. For example, while entering the password, offer pieces of information like how to create a strong password, what is the strength of the password entered by the user, etc. - Provide the facility in which the user can reverse his or her actions easily, without losing all the data and starting it all over again.

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